So that all players feel comfortable on CreeperSucht, we have set up some rules for you, which you should consider!











1.1 Only client modifications may be used which do not entail any playful advantages. Allowed client modifications are: LabyMod, BadLionClient and the normal Minecraft-exe. If you want to use other client modifications, you must first contact Support.

1.2 These mods are expressly prohibited: World-Downloader, X-Ray, Damage-Indicator and Spam-Mods.

1.3 Mods in Teamspeak - All mods are forbidden in Teamspeak. These include Soundboards and NoMove.

1.4 Mod-Launcher - ONLY the official Minecraft Launcher and the BadLionClient-Launcher are allowed. All other mods (including Forge) are prohibited.







§2 Accounts

2.1 The Minecraft server may only be entered with an Official Minecraft Premium Account. Alt-accounts are banned by us. You can also report old accounts in the forum.

2.2 To prevent ban bypasses, you may have a maximum of one MineCraft account. The same applies to Teamspeak accounts.

2.3 To prevent confusion or rank loss on Teamspeak, we recommend linking the Teamspeak account to an account (email address and password).

2.4 If several Minecraft / Teamspeak accounts are used under one IP address, we recommend writing this in the forum profile in order to avoid confusion or false bans.

2.5 Each player may only have a maximum of one forum account. Here it should be ensured that the email address is written correctly.







§3 Chat

3.1 Each player is always obliged to show a reasonable and nice tone in the chat.

3.2 Any form of spam (Repeated sending of the same message / writing incoherent messages in high speed, consecutively) is prohibited and should be avoided. That incloudes Commands.

3.3 Insults, death threats and provocations are punished especially hard. No player may be discriminated or marginalized in the chat!

3.4 Advertising for websites or other Minecraft servers (...) is always to be avoided! An exception is the IP ...

3.5 Real Money Trading (ie trading real money) is strictly prohibited within all our servers!

3.6 The sending of links is prohibited. Particularly hard to be punished IP loggers or the like.

3.7 All points from 3.1 to 3.6 also apply to the forum and the Teamspeak server!







§4 recordings of sound and picture

4.1 Recordings of picture and sound are permitted in Minecraft itself. If the chat is recorded, all players must agree with it.

4.2 In the TeamSpeak sound recordings may only be made after prior agreement with all persons in the Teamspeak.

4.3 In the forum recordings may only be made after consultation with the team.







§5 Build-Rules

5.1 No works may be built which contain prohibited signs or insults.

5.2 Buildings may not offend any other player in any way.







§6 Rights and Ranks

6.1 All rules apply to every player, no matter what rank he has.

6.2 Ranks and their permissions may not be abused.







§7 Forum-Rules

7.1 Additions to these rules can be found in the forum.

7.2 Appropriate behavior is also important to us in the forum. Please pay attention to the tone.

7.3 Please also note the privacy policy on our website.